Cure for Affluenza: Minimalism

Cure for Affluenza: Minimalism: Affluenza: "Painful, contagious socially transmitted condition of overload debt anxiety and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more" The All-Consuming Epidemic by John de Graaf, David Wann and Thomas H. Naylor While traveling I was introduced to two types of minimalist: person who was downsizing, focused on having less and spending less and another example is someone who wants to live with less but more importantly want to consume with intention. The latter truly resonated with me. While it was inevitable to have to reduce expenses so I could afford to experience life at its fullest, I was also starting to understand what sustainable living means and how to achieve home and life that is full of everything I need and not what society says I should have. I still keep many material comforts: high quality, unique finds from all over the world that bring character and life to my space and life. The minimalist lifestyle is a movement that has inspired people to downsize their homes, sell their possessions, and declutter their massive closets through donation and recycling. Typical household is said to have accumulated more clutter and trash to our planet that it can no longer withhold. Our oceans are crying for us to stop. Our pristine nature is shrinking due to overflowing landfills. Studies have reported that an average consumer has over 150 items of clothing and 80% go unworn! Think about the impact you are creating with all this stuff and the trash that comes in forms of a wrappers and tags. I would like to think I belong to a generation of well-educated women,  feminists, activists, leaders, warriors and healers who favor products made as sustainably, ethically and environmentally conscious. Does it stop there? Does it have to be purchased consciously as well? Now, everyone has their own idea of what being a minimalist means to them. For me it was important to eliminate noise I was feeling inside so I could be happy with what I have. Letting go of that insatiable desire to have the newest shoes, car, gadget....whatever shapes your unhealthy desire it will manifest themselves. Where to start?  
  • Pick a room, closet or even a single drawer to go though and get rid of unnecessary stuff. Donate. Recycle. Trash what you must.
  • Ask yourself: Do I need this? Do I use it regularly?
  • Be a re-user: save packages for other things. Be creative to find ways you can reuse something you already have rather than buying something new.
  • Invest in high quality: when buying something new splurge on something meaningful rather than many cute home furnishings you only liked when you bought them.
  • Stop comparing: comparing to what others have to what you have is futile attempt to happiness. It does no good to your mind and brings clutter to your home.
  • Know your values: what's important to you? What's going to help you and your family grow and develop through your lifetime.
  • Practice no attachment: we humans have a tendency to tie our self-worth to what we own and create an unhealthy relationship with certain things.
  • Practice gratefulness: even if you don't have that brand new whatever it is, you still have more than most of the world. Appreciate what you have and share with others.
  • Learn to let go of things daily: be it in your digital world or in kitchen choose your gadgets with your impact in mind. Will you use it close to every day? No. You do t need it.
To live a truly fulfilling, sustainably conscious lifestyle you will need awareness, curiosity, action and excitement. All these elements will help you obtain what minimalistic lifestyle means to you and set you on a right path. Be patient and soon you will recognize your impact and be proud of it. ૐ


very day I look for ways to sustainably change my own reflection in order to contribute to rise in consciousness throughout the world. Many of us are questioning outdated standards of society and choosing to live more mindfully from a place of love and compassion. Send me note if you feel the same.