Precious Stones

People always say “what does that rock do?” and they write little cards explaining the properties of that rock. We will interpret these words differently on different days of the year. We will make these words be what we need them to be in the moment we meet them. So, we are drawn to stones that we think will ____________________ us. To believe that the rock is, on its own, causing _____________________ to happen, is a bit outside of my interpretation. Although I do recognize that each rock vibrates relative to its structure and each carries specific properties. For me, its more tangibly about deciding what a rock means to me or what/who it reminds me of. It could be because of it’s color and the chakra it matches. Maybe the words on the card from the vendor caught my attention. Maybe the rock reminds me of the person who gave it to me or the person I got it for. Whatever the meaning I assign, simply assigning the rock that meaning means it is beginning to make me more mindful of that meaning. By carrying a rock that you have intentionally assigned a meaning, each time you are aware of the rock, you are mindful of the meaning. If it is in my pocket, slipping my fingers into my pocket and brushing up against the rock reminds me of the meaning. Sometimes when they are in my back pocket and I sit down, I get an extra strong reminder of its’ meaning, the meaning I chose. The same rock could have a different meaning from day to day or carry the same meaning for the years that you share together. The rock could be one you found at that special place, or one that you saved up for. Regardless of price, or what it looks like to someone else, rocks are a small, or big tool in helping you practice mindfulness.


very day I look for ways to sustainably change my own reflection in order to contribute to rise in consciousness throughout the world. Many of us are questioning outdated standards of society and choosing to live more mindfully from a place of love and compassion. Send me note if you feel the same.