Recognizing Mindful Behaviour

Mindfulness is an awareness of the self and the present moment. It is trying to be aware of your impact and trying to be in tune with your surroundings. Mindfulness is you being attentive to what is happening in front of your eyes, and slowly taking time to understand and appreciate it for all that it is. On top of this, being able to recognize that you are usually missing things, something or a lot of somethings slipped passed your perception and were not a part of your lived experience; although, almost certainly were a part of someone else’s. Being humble enough to accept that you do not know everything and being open to receiving feedback are also common related practices that are intimately connected to mindfulness. Mindfulness will grow as you feed it. The more you practice the more your brain is trained to be aware, alert and patient with the present circumstances. Each day we interact with countless individuals of all species. We have countless opportunities to increase the happiness of others, or decrease it. Once you become more mindful and begin to see the world through compassionate yet critical perspective, you are able to increase your positive impact on others. You also begin to decrease your negative impact. Today, practice to be mindful for tomorrow depends on it!


very day I look for ways to sustainably change my own reflection in order to contribute to rise in consciousness throughout the world. Many of us are questioning outdated standards of society and choosing to live more mindfully from a place of love and compassion. Send me note if you feel the same.